Address: 7580 Chapman Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92841

Phone: (714) 373-0136

Storage Facilities

Outdoor Trailer & Camper Storage

We provide outdoor storage solutions for a range of vehicles, including:

  • Travel trailers
  • Boat trailers
  • Pop-up campers
  • Toy trailers

There’s no limit to length, only width. Your trailer must slide into an 11-C wide slot.

A camper parked next to a lake.

The Facility & Security

Trails End storage areas are gravel-covered, and all access roads are smoothly paved for easy maneuvering.

Our armed, 24/7 onsite security will guard your prized possession, backed by the latest high-tech security cameras. Plus, our management team is on the ground during operational hours (7 AM – 7 PM daily).

  • Say goodbye to contract restrictions.
  • Terminate your storage lease at any time without extra charges.
  • Opt for a month-to-month rental or save big with our annual plan (12-month discount plus 1 month on us).
  • Our storage fees? They’re settled by the length of your vehicle.
  • Access to the lot is super easy with a pin pad code.
A group of cameras on a pole.

Our Services & Terms

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Shopping & Freeway Access As Easy A Breeze

We’re at arm’s length from the major freeways and your favorite shopping hubs. No more long towing journeys – you can gear up for your road adventure right after leaving our lot.

Quick access to:

  • CA Rte 22: 2 miles
  • I-90: About 5 miles
  • Walmart: 2 miles
  • Target: 4 miles
  • Western Propane & RV Supplies: Right around the corner
  • Home Depot: Half a mile away
  • Super King Market: A quarter-mile hop
  • Costco: 3.5 miles
  • Fill up your vehicle at gas stations at every freeway entry point
A highway with many bridges.
Trash can icon

On-Site Cleaning & Waste Disposal

Our on-site water station is just the spot to wash away the day’s dust and grime from your trailer.

If you have a bag of garbage or some small waste items, feel free to use our on-site trash disposal facility.

Propane tank icon

A Closer Look at Western Propane

Located right next door, Western Propane is more than just a propane supplier. They offer:

  • RV supplies
  • Air hoses for tires
  • Ice (In 10-lb block, or 5 and 20-lb crushed ice)

Everything you need for your trailer adventure is right at your doorstep, saving you from the notorious LA traffic.

For more information or to get a storage quote, call us anytime.